Sunday, December 10, 2017

Leia Reports on Monday

...except that I don't have much to meow about. It's been pretty quiet here lately.

Although I did HISS at Toby yesterday. Mom doesn't really know why; she
knows we were hanging out in front of the glass door; something happened,
I walked away and as I was carefully, daintily, placing my velvety 
tiny paws on the floor, I turned my head and HISSSED at that orange beastly boy.
I've never quite done that before so Mom was very surprised.

Well, a lady keeps her secrets, so she can just keep on wondering.

The thing that Toby was laying on the other day was mom's fleece jacket.
Very, very warm and cuddly. So naturally she takes it back and gives us
a towel in its place. Meh. Not nearly as good.

And yes, we KNOW it's been very cold out there! So what,
we both really liked that jacket.


** a few weeks back, Katie Isabella posted about her mom's kitteh PJs. Our mom has several themed pieces of sleepwear.. so... here's a survey - do your hoomins have themed sleepwear?? 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Happy Caturday

Now that I'm awake... I have stuff to meow about!

1. Did you know that little hussy girl posts when I'm zonked out?
I don't really think that's FAIR, do you?

2. ... I totally could have, and planned to, yak up a hairball
on that d***ned mat, but she beat me to it. That's not fair either.

3. A totally random fact about ME: It's my job to greet mom when she wakes up every morning.
Lots of the time I'm right on the bed, so it's easy but sometimes I have to come back
from other parts of the house, stopping what I'm doing, just to greet her and
snorgle with her and make sure she knows she's loved.

You younger ones may not realize this, but hoomins are so fragile, they really need
lots of looking after. 

And now I have other stuff to do - very IMPAWTANT - stuff, so mom has a few words to say.

Mom's note:

I went to Petsmart looking for a better wand/fishing toy for Leia. It's so hard to find anything that looks truly sturdy and meant for cats with sharp teeth and fast claws. Too many bits that will fall off and get swallowed in a heartbeat. Toby likes watching her be crazy but isn't really into chasing stuff around. But don't try to get between him and his stuffed critter; he gets that nip-high and off he goes.

Also, I noticed Grumpy Cat has a Christmas line of toys. They sure are marketing the tar out of her, aren't they? I've long been a fan of GC, even have a stuffie (for me) but I'm beginning to be slightly uncomfortable. They are making a fortune off her medical condition. It's hard to put into words but ... Maybe it's because I see my cats as family members, and I sure wouldn't want to profit off a condition they had. Obviously she's not aware of this but....

I just hope her quality of life is through the roof with all this.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Leia Claims First Strike !

It was ME! 

Less than a day and a half after Mom unwisely brought home this burd mat,
I, Leia the Amazing, yakked up a hairball on it.
(I wanted to show you a picture of my great victory, but Mom said no).

And now, Codd Mother, I think you know which of us kitteh-soldiers is truly the most loyal!

Once again, I rule.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Monday This n Thats

Leia This:

Mom saw me honing my hunting skills with this scrunchie of hers, and OF COURSE got all ooohh and awww about it. Really, I was just keeping it in line; scrunchies are known for serious 'tude.

Toby Thats:

I've spent most of this four day weekend just trying to get in a good nap.
With TWO females here all day and night, it's just been impossible. Plus, do you realize our mom is so obsessed with our... ahem... output schedule that she will deliberately wake us up after a paltry 8 hours to try to remind us it's time to go?? 

Crazy woman.

Have a great week, furriends.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Another Angel

Our good furriends at Eastside Cats lost their beloved Chuck yesterday.